The owner is originally from Thailand, and understands the subtle tastes that complete the overall experience of dining at the Thai Boat. We present and serve the finest Thai Cuisine, offering a great quality and value. Our food is prepared from scratch, using the finest and freshest ingredients available.

Thai cuisine, so delicious and varied in its piquant tastes, is a true gastronomic art. It presents an enormous range of dishes, and a subtle blend of flavors. Creativity in cooking, stems partly from the "Thais" love of good food, and partly from the wealth of ingredients available.

Thailand possesses an abundance of vegetable and fruit, herbs and spices, succulent seafood and fresh farm produce. All are wonderfully used in the nearly unlimited recipes of the Thai culinary art.

Although the Thai people generally prefer hot and spicy food, not all dishes are equally fiery. Thai food is never bland, but it can be modulated to please most palates.

Moreover, such are the richness and variety of ingredients and methods of preparation. No matter how often you dine on Thai food, there is always some fresh and delicious discovery to be made.


Real Boat

For those not familiar with a Thai Noodle Boat, it refers to a peddler's boat in a Thailand river or canal. From that platform, a delicacy is served. This cuisine is relished by the local Thai community, due to being both delicious and inexpensive.

As can be seen by the photograph, we have a full-sized Thai Boat bar from which noodle dishes are served. You'll not experience anything as close to Thailand than here, with the taste and ambiance.

For those of you who have never tried boat noodles, it's a beef noodle soup that is traditionally made with bits of beef, liver and tripe. This sweet and sour, savory and spicy soup is served in several different versions, so all can enjoy.

Besides the soups typical to servings off a Thai boat, fried noodle dishes are also offered from our noodle bar. Thai stir-fried noodle dishes, as in the renown Phad Thai, are also on the menu. These various items can either have wet, or dry noodles, depending upon your selection.